IRMA creative studio

Crafts for graphic design and services


Graphic design

Creating graphic solutions, visual identity, logos, business cards, invitations, labels, flyers, brochures, magazines, illustrations, animations, photographs, videos, document processing and other graphic services.   


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Adress: Florijanski trg 12, 48000 Koprivnica, Croatia

phone: 099/423-4884



    Irma Osrečak (maiden Vujčec) is born on September 16th 1988 in Koprivnica. In 2007 she gained the vocation as Multimedia Content Graphic Designer at School of Construction in Čakovec. In 2012 she completed Undergraduate Professional Study in Multimedia, Design and Applications at the University of Varaždin (now the University North) and earned a Bachelor's degree. In 2015 she graduated from the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb, Graduate Study Course of Graphic Technology, Study program Graphic Engineering; module Multimedia, and gained the title of Master of Science in Graphic Technology.
    Crafts for graphic design and services is open since August 2018 in Koprivnica, Florijanski trg 12, through support for self-employment program. The studio was created with the help of Ivan, Kristine, Franjo, Željkica, Dragutin, Mladen, Nevenka, Ana, Marko, Iva, Luka, Matija, Mateo, Karlo, Krešo, Ljiljana, Filip, Iva, Veronika, Renata, Vlado, Goran, rev. Davor, rev. Tomislav, Encounters of Married Couples Community and the Community of Prayer and Word, and I am most grateful for their support.
    1.5.2019. IRMA creative studio is moved to a new location and is now present at Trg slobode 2, in Koprivnica.
    As of 22. November 2019. IRMA creative studio is now in joined ownership by Irma Osrečak and Ivan Osrečak.